Meet the Writer

also known as Titha

Jakarta, October 31st, 1994

Blue. Chocolate. Penguin.
Romantic comedy books & movies.
I sing, I write, I read.
I'm the one who'll listen to your problem at 2 AM.

Academic life:
Aisyiyah 21 Kindergarten 2000
Muhammadiyah 24 Elementary School 2006
216 Junior High School 2009
61 Senior High School 2012
Engineering Management, Faculty of Industrial Technology
Bandung Institute of Technology 2012

Member of Heathraeqs, H2O, Coklat, Infourmation Table, SISO, TCX,
#padanggaul, VCN, Gradevole, Kupri, Alveolus, XII IPA 3,
ITB 2012, FTI-D 2012, MRI 2012, and MTI 2012.

A hopeless romantic.
ENTP type!
The special one.

how could it be so right?

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