Behind the Scene

Meet Titha, a twenty-something woman who currently living in Jakarta.
Managing apps features by day, an internet lurker by night.
A meme connoisseur!

A very talkative person, but can't stand random chit chat with strangers.
A master of none, but a little bit of everything.
She's a bit obsessive to whatever thing she interested in at one time, then will just leave it once she bored. -- I know, it's like a double-edged sword.
A firm believer that you can do anything you put your mind to, with Allah's permission.

Has been a tech enthusiast since she was young, and decided to work in tech industry.
An avid Chelsea FC fan, although she can't play football at all.
A penguin lover! But since it's impossible to have one, she settled with cat instead.
A hopeless romantic, mostly due to her hobby of reading romance teenlit since elementary school.
She sings a lot, most of the time the songs are quite catchy that others will follow her to sing it as well. Her friends told her it's as if living in a Disney movie due to the amount of singing.
She also loves connecting the dots, finding patterns in daily life. A colorful pattern as well!
A seasonal fangirl, depends on her most recent TV series/ movie/ book she's into.

The kind of person who'd do anything for anyone, or anything, she love and care about. Will snap you out of her life once she can't stand it anymore.

Has a tendency to have the weirdest plot twist in her life, not sure whether it's due to her habit, behavior, way of think, temper, or the combination of all. Decide to laugh it off and share those weird experience in blog -- or her 2nd account (which is private & only for her closest friends).

You can spot her wearing something blue, because it's her favorite color.
Catch her online at

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