Saturday, January 23, 2010

daddy, would you like to...

the true title is: daddy, would you like to buy me? okay, there're so many things i want now. but i think my mom won't give it to me. she said that i didn't have any achievement this time. so i can't get what i want. well, my parents always like that. they won't give me anything if i don't have any achievement *sigh*

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, i allowed to have some dream, rite? so here i will write down my wish list. here we go!

first of all, i really want an iMac. everyone have to agree with me, iMac is one of apple's best product. and my own computer isn't good enough. i think i need a computer which have a big perform but just use a little space. then, iMac is the answer!!!!

after that, i also want to complete my novels. my favourite novel, the princess diaries. it has... let me count, about 10-13 books but i just have half of it :( it's kinda sad. well actually i understand the story but i think it's uncool if i haven't read it all yet. my parents would like to buy the english version, not in bahasa. but sadly, the english version are more expensive than the bahasa version. maybe that's why my mom not buy all of it.
one of the novel

third, i really want to complete my conan comics. i do love conan edogawa, uhm... maybe i prefer shinichi kudo than conan. but yeah, they are just same boy. and i really love a detective story, like sherlock holmes and hercule poirot. back to conan, i just have a half of the total series. hopefully i can complete it ;) now i have no. 1-4, 28-34, 38-43, 46-55. who want to complete my collection?

and then, what else? i do want many thing. aaaaaah, i remember now. my notes was full with my scrap. then i really need the new one, cause i usually use my notes to write my school thingy. my friend gave me an advice to buy a binder, because it's more functional. but i think, with cute notes (like what i have now, can make me more enthusiasm. here the example of the notes
isn't that cute?

uhm, what else i need? i don't really need blackberry at all. i understand that if i use bb, i'll always online. there's no time to study, like some of my friends whose become blackberry addict.

yeah, that's all. thankyou and goodbye

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