Saturday, April 2, 2011


Dunno what's going with my internet connection. All I know, I can't connect my pc to the wi-fi *sigh*. This week was so fun! Actually I just got my routine period, but guess what? I don't really care at all. I just act normally, not so-damn-sensitive like when I got a period. I dunno why, it's kinda weird actually. I hope nothing goes wrong :s

So many task this week!!!!! There are a chemistry presentation, class exhibition, drama, letter to embassy and others. You know, it's kinda makes me soooooo tired. And all I wanna do is sleep, like.........seriously. Uhm actually this week is kinda up-and-down week. Sometimes I wanna laugh all day, but in other hand, I wanna cry/angry all day. My mood is just like the weather nowadays, unpredictable.

Here's the good news, my task for this week is totally done. Once more, DONE! Thank God I still could breathe. There are so many things that could make me crazy. But look at me now, I'm alright~

All I wanna do now is.................having fun. Like, seriously. Desperately need it. I wanna go shopping, go to saloon to relax my body for a while. But nobody could accompany me :s How sad. And it's kinda......"garing" without friends when you wanna have some fun. And I think I really have to go to Ambassador Mall, cause I wanna buy some new dvds, and repair my phone. Who have a spare time to accompany me? Go contact me!

That's all. It's not really fun to post from my phone cause the keypad is so small. Have fun everyone! Happy weekend!

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