Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Curhat sikit

Pernah gak lo ngerasa hampa? Kosong? Bener-bener kopong-_- Gak ada gebetan, gak ada pacar, bener-bener gak ada pikiran tentang cowok sekarang. Padahal gue pengen dapet mood jatuh cinta. I do love that mood, when everything seems so right and nothing goes wrong. I just wanna feel the "butterfly-in-my-stomach" effect.

Gue bener-bener butuh gebetan. Cowok yang bisa bikin gue dapet sensasi "senyum-seharian-kaya-abis-ngehirup-gas-tawa". Bener-bener butuh. To stabilize my life; especially my heart. Tapi siapa yang bisa? I do waiting for my prince charming.
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