Friday, January 6, 2012

100 Facts About Me

  1. I love chocolate bars, but I always prefer cheese bread.
  2. I have 10 cats named Bubu, Spotty, Sensen, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Florence, the other 3 haven't named yet.
  3. Addicted to BLUE.
  4. I'm not the feminine one.
  5. The cat I love most called Spotty.
  6. My favorite Disney Princess is Aurora.
  7. I can't play any musical instrument fluently.
  8. I love reading books.
  9. My favorite comic are Detective Conan and Miiko.
  10. I actually have to use glasses but I'm too lazy to wear it.
  11. I can't cook, well I actually can but just the simple one.
  12. I'm afraid of fire, that's why I can't cook.
  13. I'm afraid of insects.
  14. I'm singing ALL the time
  15. The easily bored one.
  16. I love watching TV shows.
  17. I hate waiting for something uncertain.
  18. Not the patient one.
  19. I love taking pictures of myself, sometimes with others.
  20. I can't draw. My skill equals to kindergarten kids.
  21. Easily cry for something unimportant like hungry, watch a movie, read a book, and listen to music.
  22. I eat snacks ALL the time
  23. Definitely not the sensitive one.
  24. I love being pampered.
  25. My perfume is Fantasy by Britney Spears.
  26. Favorite novel all the time? HARRY POTTER.
  27. Biggest fans of Maroon 5.
  28. So in love with Alvin and The Chipmunks, especially Theodore.
  29. I always want a bigger brother, and I know I won't have it.
  30. Once I start crying, I couldn't stop. Even though I laugh, my tears won't stop falling.
  31. I have a very bad grammar, in Bahasa and English.
  32. Favorite city? London! I'll be there someday.
  33. I never get bored watching Spongebob Squarepants.
  34. I love Private from Penguin of The Madagascars.
  35. Favorite part of my body? My hair.
  36. I can't dance. My body isn't flex.
  37. I like someone easily, as easy as I hate them.
  38. I don't have any art and music skill, except singing maybe.
  39. Favorite sport? Rugby and swimming.
  40. I don't like math, but my entire family do.
  41. I think hot chocolate is the perfect drink for rainy season.
  42. I play The Sims (almost) ALL the time
  43. 9gag took my soul.
  44. I hate growing up.
  45. Favorite subjects: Biology, Chemistry, English, and Bahasa.
  46. I love writing, I write everything inside my mind.
  47. The perfectionist one, only for some cases only.
  48. I love detective story. Sometimes I think I wannabe a detective.
  49. I have a bad temper, but at least I'm trying to control it.
  50. People may see me as the extrovert one, but I only show them a little piece of me.
  51. I have so many secrets that I never tell anyone.
  52. I prefer work alone.
  53. My actual name only Nadia Talitha, yeah without Tanjung.
  54. I'm Padangese (dunno is that the right name or not) and so damn proud about it.
  55. I love stalking people.
  56. My logic works pretty well, it works better than my feeling.
  57. I usually go sleep earlier than my friends.
  58. And I also wake up earlier than my friends.
  59. I love hanging out.
  60. I feel lonely sometimes.
  61. The color of my eyes are dark brown. My parents are too.
  62. The color of my hair is also dark brown. So are my parents.
  63. People said my voice sounded like my mom's.
  64. The selfish one.
  65. I don't like rice.
  66. Favorite meme: FOREVER ALONE GUY!
  67. The lazy one.
  68. I talk a lot, so damn talkative.
  69. I love watching soccer but I can't play it.
  70. Favorite soccer team: Chelsea FC.
  71. I prefer a humble boy to a cool one.
  72. I think Running Man is the best variety show ever.
  73. Easy to get nervous, so damn easy!
  74. I love surprise!
  75. Still 25 facts to go and I don't know what to write.
  76. My favorite soccer manager is Jose Mourinho.
  77. My favorite actress is Anne Hathaway.
  78. I love romantic-comedy movie.
  79. I often make some scene in my mind, that I know it won't happen.
  80. I love daydreaming.
  81. I never want to lose from anyone.
  82. I don't like rain, I always prefer sunny day to rainy day.
  83. Easy to get jealous, GEEZ!
  84. Scorpio girl, so damn proud with my zodiac.
  85. I think my zodiac is so me.
  86. I don't really like darkness.
  87. Addicted to my blackberry.
  88. I think Barney Stinson is the most awesome character in the world.
  89. My favorite heroes are Batman and Ironman.
  90. I wanna have 3 children.
  91. I still don't know what I wannabe when I grow up.
  92. I collect DVDs, even though I rarely watch a movie more than one time.
  93. I collect novels, and I could read them all over again and again.
  94. My favorite genre depends on my mood.
  95. I have almost every genre in my favorite playlist, except hard rock music.
  96. I HATE VEGETABLES, but I love fruits.
  97. I don't know how to wash clothes manually.
  98. I don't like barbie, I actually don't really like dolls.
  99. I can't whistle.
  100. I'm the special one.

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