Sunday, March 3, 2013


SUPER SORRY FOR THE INFREQUENTLY POST! These college things are killing me softly. Doh, where should I start? Too many stories to tell, too little time. So I've been so damn busy because of so many things lately, and I always end up arrived at kosan so-damn-tired-so-I-go-straight-to-bed. So since the last post, I've been through so many things. And this is the craziest part, Mid term test is coming so soon! Next Friday I'll have a Physics test. And I have no idea what to do there. Urgh >.< Somehow I still feel it's like a holiday, you know? All I want is sleep and read and watch and hanging out. No study at all.

Btw, my first chemistry practicum was FREAKIN’ COOL. It was about pH and  so many solution like HCl, NaOH, and so many more. It was about acid-base theory. You know? Arhenius, and the gang. Well, there were so many colorful solution, YEAY! That’s why I love chemistry. I also have to took out the extract color of flowers with alcohol. That was cool. So apparently, you could know what kind of flower (acid or base) is. The practicum assistant was also very funny, so there was no pressure. She didn’t want to tell us what she’s majoring at. We don’t know why.

And my first physics practicum was about lens and shadows. You know, like the one you tried in high school. But this one was more complicated. We were doing it in a very dark room. It wasn’t my favorite practicum actually. So yeah.

And this semester, I have PE. And I think I’ve lost my strength in sport because I’ve become so weak!!! Doh. Actually I haven’t working out since I’m done my PE test in high school. It was very long time ago, right? I could do so much better, in fact PE was one of my favorite subject back in junior & senior high school. And suddenly I’m so awful in this subject. It actually kinda hurt my pride. And you know what, I run 20 minutes for only 2.4 km. So weak. I do really know I could do so much better and faster and stronger. Huh.

Tika slept over in my place last week. Then my room became so messy because me, her, and Ichda were so wild, we took so many pictures, hacked each other’s bbm, well you know, so noisy. Thank God nobody protest to us after the sleep over. And between our stupid yet noisy conversation, she told me that I have to be more open-minded to anyone who (might be) like me. So I tried her advice, but it just doesn’t work, my heart said no. So yeah, heart is one of the most complicated organ in our body.

What else should I tell you about? I just don’t know. I simply miss writing. And yeah, based on a seminar I’ve attended before, a psychologist told us that writing could be a way to express yourself. And this is might be why I’ve become so unstable lately, I haven’t write for  weeks. Nah, so sorry. I’ll write more! I promise. And could you believe it? It’s already March! The third month in this year. I wonder how time flies so fast, incredibly fast. I mean, where are the times gone?

Two days ago I met Eva, she came to Bandung for a couple days. We took some photos, and I compared it to the one that we took in junior high school. That was one proof that time flies too fast. How two girls are already grown up, become a young lady. And yeah, I miss junior high school so much. Those so-much-free-time, if only I could go back there. Fix some broken things, like friendship.

And my dad came here yesterday. I simply miss home, everything that breathing in my home. And I haven’t go home for more than a month, probably the longest time I ever here. I do wanna go home but I just have no time recently. I wonder how everybody else deal with their miss-their-family-and-home problem. Because I think I’m losing my spirit here. I simply need my home.

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