Sunday, May 19, 2013


I'm already back to Bandung now. I have exams for tomorrow and the day after that. But actually my heart was left in my home. I have no passion at all being here. It's kinda weird, I should be happy because my first year in engineering school is almost over. After that I'll have a peaceful summer holiday. Okay, who am I kidding? I should have a short semester because of my campus' new curriculum. So yeah, say good bye to my holiday plan. There would be no summer holiday this year. It's kinda sad actually. Summer is always been fun. I love summer holiday more than anything else. Summer holiday means ice cream, sunglasses, novels, beaches, and... love story. Summer love story is always been challenging. I have no reason to hate it. But now I have. And here I am writing randomly, haven't study anything yet. Yes my score has been like a total train wreck. But what should I say? I've tried my best but sometimes Allah has a better plan.

I wonder why people being so damn insecure lately. It's just, weird. I think everyone is unique in their own way. Why should compare yourself to others? It only makes you feel more and more insecure. Please, stop making someone else (especially me) as your competitor. Well, that might be good to figure someone as your competitor but please stop comparing yourself to other and blabbering about how cool yourself and your achievement. Because in fact, I just don't care. And you should know that with being like that, I just can't help myself to not laughing at you. It's just stupid. I mean, nobody cares. So why should you tell that to everyone? So you could get some recognition maybe? Well, I actually feel bad for you people. Clearly, age doesn't reflect maturity at all. If I may say... malu ama umur.

Well, what else? I don't know. I have no idea what should I do now. Actually I know, I mean I have to study for the final but I just don't have the right mood to do that. And the connection is so slow that I couldn't even browse the internet. What the heck. Btw, I'm gonna move from my current dorm to other one. The new one is nearer to my campus, and it's not as crowd as here. Let's also hope they have a better internet connection. I'm so sick with this whole slow-internet-thingy.

Oh and quick update. Yesterday I read a novel, some metropop. I have no idea why but suddenly I think that I'm not ready for a relationship. That's why I can't get a boyfriend. I mean, actually there are some boys were came up to me but somehow I always rejected it. I thought because they weren't my type but actually that was because I'm not ready for a deeper commitment for now. As you know, I always being the jerky one in a relationship. So yeah, I'm not gonna take the risk to hurt any other's heart anymore. And I'll wait until I'm ready. I actually got a very good quote about it. Fall in love when you're ready, not when you're lonely.

I think I'm gonna change the labels in my blogs but I just haven't met the right time yet. So yeah, in the holiday I'll make some changes in this blog (maybe). So keep reading guys! And sorry for my bad grammar. I actually want to start post in English to help myself with this whole grammar thingy. Night night people!

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