Sunday, February 22, 2015


My most used word lately. Yha.

I don't even know why I use that word as my title for this post.

I still have no idea what to write. I mean, this isn't one of the best way to start a year. I already used my tears for a year in about two weeks. Well, this is a pretty rough start. But I survived.

It's just, everything seems so monotone this semester. Like a repetitive activity. The boring one. I'm looking for some new activity. So now I'm adding zumba and french lesson to my weekly routine. And I'm gonna leave all those "himpunan thingy" behind. No more late night meeting, no more being busy caring others who don't even want it.

This semester is crazy. I could get about 4-5 tasks in a week, due one week. And some of them are individual task. This doesn't include lab activity. I can't imagine what would happen. And yeah, I register myself in a real french class. It starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited.

So, cheers to the new chapter of my life!

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