Monday, July 4, 2016


This post contains a very important announcement in the end.

Happy reading!

Some people said that passion is something that you just can't live without. Some people said that passion is something you should follow, then success will follow after.

But I kinda disagree with that. I don't think passion is something I should follow. I think, I have to do everything, especially everything I love, with passion. Passion follows me. Because, passion is the energy that helps you excel what you do.

And right until now, I still can't answer when people ask me what my passion is. Because I love doing so many things. Singing, writing, listening to other people's story, helping other people (I realized this one after I go to college), and so many more.

But, if someone ask me what is something that I've been doing for years, like something that I haven't stopped doing until now. Then the answer is writing.

I can't even remember when was the first time I started writing. I write everything. I write some short stories, though I'm not really good at writing a poem. And I've been committed to write in this blog since 8 years ago.

Yes, 8 years, and (I hope) still counting.

This blog has been my sweet escape. My remedy. Somewhere I go when I'm happy yet sad. Somewhere I go when I need a place to keep something memorized. I'm not a very visual person, I'm not good at taking moments through lens. So this is where I go. I write (almost) everything here.

And for me, writing is healing. It helps me to think more structured. Writing helps me to think more clearly. You have no idea how many word documents in my laptop's My Documents, some are just my current feeling, some other are my short story or novel drafts.

In this post, there are two things that I would like to say.

First, thank you for all of my readers. Tho mostly you're my school/college friends. Thanks! Thanks for keeping my blog traffic high so I could get some merchandise from e-commerce. I owe you guys a lot! Shout out to everyone who read this blog since 8 years ago. And shout out to everyone of you who read this blog, whenever you started reading this blog. Shout out to those people who read almost every post, and also to those people who accidentally got here and read some of my writings.

Second of all, I want to announce you something.
One of my hobby when I was younger was writing some short stories. Okay, I still write those until now. I've been doing it simply because I could get the happy ending like I want it to be. And if you could create your own fairy tale, why not?
I always think that my stories are kinda cheesy. But well, maybe some people need some cheesiness in their life, and now I'll share my cheesiness to you guys.
So I signed up on Wattpad.
And I uploaded my stories.
And you could read mine here ------>
But you have to sign up first to read them. So well, if you have some free time and you really wanna read them, go make your own account there and you could read mine.

And once again,
Thank you for reading my blabbing.

Xoxo, Titha ♥

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