Sunday, February 19, 2017


Do you ever feel that, you want something? Like really, really want it.
But once someone else offer you that, somehow you just feel like you don't really want it?

It's like, you always said that you're ready for something.
But once you have the opportunity to have that, you just chickened out.

It's wrong, isn't it?

Maybe it happened because you're way too traumatized with your past.
Or maybe, just maybe, you're being way too picky that you only want the exact thing that you want.
Or maybe, turns out the thing that you want isn't really what you need.

What should we do?

Maybe we need to let go our past and take it as a lesson, life lesson.
Or maybe, we should start to accept that some things aren't just as perfect as our idea of that thing.
Or maybe, we should start to know what we really need and stop focusing on what we want.

One thing for sure, we must learn to know ourselves.
Because in the end, we gotta be our own hero.
And save our own heart.

Ask yourself, is what you want really what you need?

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