Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chit Chat

Pretty much my midnight rambling.

It's been awhile. So so so sorry I've been away from this blog, although I have so many things to tell here. I'm thinking for something about my blog 9th anniversary. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Like really... I think this is the longest relationship I've ever have. How sad I am...

Anyway, I don't really know what I want to write here. But please, just let me type and type until I finally sleepy.

Let's talk about something. My current favorite song is Right Here Waiting - Steven Spence. I found that song when I was scrolling around on Instagram. You know, just opening one and another account and ended up at his profile. Then I listened to his song, and I said "Well this is good." Then I searched that song on Spotify, put it on my bi-monthly playlist, then started listening. And I am hooked. I could replay that song for twice or thrice in one listening (I can't even think of the good term of this).

Uhm what else. You know what, I finally know the pressure of early 20 single female. All my mom asked since I was graduated was about, "So is there anyone in your life right now?" or "You have so many male friends, don't you like any of them?" And I'm just like, "what......................" well well well, just wish me luck. I don't think having a boyfriend is my priority right now. Although to be honest, with my age now, I can say that my plan to be married on 23 is (almost certainly) fail, since I can't even think of a name people ask me right now who is my type of man. I don't know what I used to think about that lol. I planned that when I was in high school. Basically I thought that I don't want huge age gap between me and my kids. I thought that it would be hard for a mother to follow the youngster's trend if the mother and the kids have huge age gap. But well, what did I know back then.

Talking about age, I can't believe that people who born on 1992 will be 25 this year. I used to think that 25 is some kind of transition age. You kinda figured out what you want to be in 5, 10, even 25 years from now. You also have some kind of stability, career and income wise, also relationship wise. I don't exactly know whether 25 years old people actually know what they want to be. Or about the stability. Hm. I can't even think of a name to ask them about. I mean, I know some 1992 born person, but I don't have that kind of closeness to blurt that question out of nowhere. Well I think that I'll eventually figure it out. I still think it's just crazy because 1992 born people are actually only 2 years older than me. Like, they're your 2010 senior!!!! Omg. Whoa. If any of you is 1992 or earlier born and this makes you uncomfortable and make you think about your life, I am sorry. Truly sorry, because basically at this time (12.23 am by the time I write this exact sentence), I am between awake and not. Lol. Well if you ended up contemplating about your life, good luck. If you already know what you want to be, best of luck for you.

Next, I don't exactly know how should I tell you guys this. But I actually posted on somewhere else, so I guess it's okay to tell you guys here. But I still feeling bad to tell people about this. Hm so yeah maybe you can check on my other social media if you really wanna know about what I wanna talk about. Moving forward. Because of the thing that I want to tell but I kinda feel it's weird to like make an announcement regarding that here, I finally experiencing the elasticity of Jakarta's time. Lol. I never thought that I would write something about elasticity in here, since I always think that kind of topic is too serious. I mean, you know how shallow this blog is. And I even chuckled when I typed the "elasticity" word. Aaaanyway, I finally experienced it. Almost every morning, sometimes at night to but mostly in the morning. How a 5 minutes difference could make you late for more than 15 minutes. I finally experience it. I mean, I always feel that a 5 minutes difference could make you late but I never really experience it every day. But now, I know how it feels. I know why some people could be that mad when other's late to show up (when they should've left together). Urgh I'm sorry if I ever late. The more I think about it, I actually already experienced it when I was in junior high school. But it was different, somehow.

And I want to appreciate Trafi as one of my favorite apps right now. I could track every Transjakarta's buses movement. Couldn't be happier because I could measure how much time I have left, and else. Talking about apps, I just realized that 9gag has been my before-I-sleep apps for around 6 years. Whoa. From the "Poop in the Shower Guy" till Spongebob memes. I don't know what would happen if I never know 9gag. I don't think I could survive college (((extra af))). And lately, I think the posts are getting better again. There are times when I could continuously laughing from one post to another post. My another favorite apps is Buzzfeed, I'm addicted to their quiz. There are times when I could capture almost every result of quizzes I took. It felt like, I'm so tired of thinking and those apps help me refresh myself.

Well, I'm pretty sleepy now. I guess I'll go to my bed.
Anyway, Ramadan Mubarak ppl!!

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