Wednesday, July 4, 2018

10 Years Anniversary

Who would've thought that I would be committed to something for 10 years?
Yea I know this past 6 months I've been neglecting this platform. Please believe me I still think about this blog from time to time... I just don't have enough time to finish my post.

Yea I know it was the same answer but uhm... that's the truth.
Anyways, special for this anniversary, I would like to write a letter for 10-years-ago me. Please enjoy :)

Hi Tha,

Look who's finally being able to committed for more than 6 months!!!
Yea, I know it's just a blog, but still...

Thank you, for being impulsive and decided to create this account.
Apparently for the next 10 years, you would use this platform to find one of your true happiness, writing.

Thank you for being yourself.
I understand why you think it would be cooler to act like someone else.
Heck, I remember those days when you would do something you didn't really like, so people would like you more.
Yes, they would like you more. But they didn't like you for who you actually are.
But it didn't stay long. Soon you'll realize it was stupid.
And you would find so many amazing friends who would like you for yourself.
You're loved, for who you are.

It's ok to be a bit different.
No, it isn't you-just-being-edgy.
Yes, sometimes having different point of view with others are scary.
But then again, that's life.
Everyone can have different opinion. And sometimes, none of them are wrong.
It's ok to dislike something popular. It's just matter of preference.
It's ok to be loud, it's ok to be bold.
Those who really likes you will still stick around eventually.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I changed the decisions way too often.
Sorry some of our dreams didn't come true.
But we got something better, much better than what we've dreamed off.
I'm sorry, sometimes I scared.
Cause we dreamed too big, but we don't know how to reach it.
So here I promise you, I'll create more planned dreams.

Have fun!!!!!!
(I know you would)

Here's a bonus pic of 23-and-half us.

PS. Kalo ada salah grammar, ya sorry.

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